Friday, June 08, 2007


"Mum, my front tooth could move.
It feels so funny."

It was Kate's upper central incisor tooth. This was her first experience and she was quite excited about it.

Usually, lower central incisors permanent teeth are the first to appear along with the first permanent molars. Perhaps it is different in Kate's case. Her first permanent molar teeth has appeared few months ago.

Yesterday when Kate was playing bicycle with her friends, rain started. Kate quickly paddled her bicycle faster, trying to get to shelter. Unfortunately, on the way to the shelter, she fell down together with the bicycle. There were some cuts on her upper lip, her upper gum was bleeding and one of her front tooth was gone! It was the tooth that Kate mentioned a day earlier.

We are not sure that the tooth completely fell out with the whole root. We couldn't see any on Kate's gum, but the falling tooth that Mum found later doesn't look as one-whole-tooth. Hope the new tooth that is growing will push the root out (if there's any left behind).

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mellyana said...

hope she'll be just allright. it means she'll soon be a big girl.

mom, you ready? *wink*