Tuesday, June 05, 2007

bad mum?

Walking back home from library, we heard a toddler's crying on pedestrian walk across the road. The toddler was on a stroller, while his parents were standing beside it.

Kate: It was so mean, isn't it, Mum? The mother was so rude to the baby. She is a bad mum.
Mum: Hmm ...
Kate: There's no point she scolded and shook the baby. May be the baby is hungry. But he couldn't talk yet, that's why he cries.
Mum: Am I a bad mum?
Kate: Of course not. You are very nice. *with big hug*
Mum: But sometimes I scold you.
Kate: It's fine. For big kid is fine, but not for baby. Baby will not understand even if someone scold them so much. So there's no point the mother did that. Luckily she is not my mum. I have a very nice mum.
Mum: Thank you, sweetie ...
*while deep inside, Mum feels very guilty because nowadays she loses self-control so often*