Monday, June 11, 2007


Today we went to see dentist to ensure that the fall has not affected other areas of Kate's oral condition. It was quite late though, we were supposed to see dentist as soon as possible after the fall. But thank God, everything is fine.

So far we are satisfied with dental service for Kate. Today was the second time Kate went to see dentist. First time was last month when we found out there was a cavity on Kate's left-lower-tooth (M2). Mum only needed to call school dentist. A couple days later, the dentist called Kate and gave her dental treatment. Today the school dentist is closed, so we went to School Dental Centre at HPB. And both visits were not bad experiences for Kate. The dentists are so friendly, though Kate said that the filling treatment was painful (guessed it was the drilling process). However, Kate was fine whenever Mum mentioned about denist, dental appointment, etc. It is important, because Kate will need to go to school dentist for filling treatment at least one more time, to replace the temporary filling with permanent one.

And would you like to know other good part of this service?
They don't charge any single cents for these visits. Though the second visit was "nothing" but gave us relief, they only checked and said nothing to worry about.