Thursday, June 07, 2007


Few days ago while sending Kate to bed,
Mum: I really don't know how to make your room tidy. You have so many stuffs. *sighed*
Kate: Who ask you to buy so many things for me?
Mum: You?
Kate: No, I don't. It's you ...
Mum: *half speechless* Well... next time I will not buy anything for you.
Kate: Ok. We will only buy the things that we really need and is important. Remember that, ok?
Mum: Deal.

Yesterday, about 400m from home:
"Mum, I want that pompom."
"Mum, this blanket is so nice. I think it will match with my bedsheet. I want to buy it."

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Anonymous said...

that reminds me of my own child too!