Monday, September 10, 2007

end of term 3

Just a story about the holiday last week...

One day on holiday, Mum and Kate went to Plasa Singapura. Mum wanted to buy something at Daiso (the $2 shop). At the atrium, there was a dance competition (with High School Musical song). Kate really enjoyed watching it, eventhough she didn't know what High School Musical is. And it made us went back there for 3 days, just to watch the dance :)

The other days, we went to visit and meet up with some old friends. Kate was very happy playing with her old (and new) friends - thank you, guys. At one of visiting, Kate made some of the children cried - sorry, girls - because of the High School Musical bookmark which Kate got at Plasa Singapura. The reason is simple: it was not enough for everyone.

One thing that Kate must not forgot to do on her holiday was doing her homeworks. Here is one of them (using bits of this and that that we found at home)

Today Kate is back to school, ready for Term 4.