Wednesday, September 12, 2007

my september holiday

Kate had a homework, which was making a journal about last holiday (minimum 5 sentences).

My September Holiday

      I had a super holiday. It was a super holiday because I kept going somewhere. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Plaza Singapura to watch High School Musical 2. It was very noisy there because it was very exciting and the music was very very loud. It was a very fantastic show and very nice. I also went to my friend's house. It was very fun. On Wednesday, my mother and I went to Aunty Honey's Hany's place. Her children are Hanan and Hivah Haifa. Hanan is 5 years old. Haifa is 3 years old. I met a lot of new friends there. We played a lot of games. It was very very fun. The next next day, my mother and I went to Aunty Fiona's place. Her child is Brendon. He is good sometimes but naughty sometimes and even funny sometimes. It was very fun to play there. She also gave me an origami book. I was very creative when I was free because when I was free, I liked to do the paper foldings, a lot of it. It was very fun doing the paper folding.


Hany said...

Sorry for reading your article so late, Kate. Thanks a bunch for mentioning our meeting. Hope you'll be back someday to help me with the eggs again. ;)

kathleen said...

Tante Hany:
I'll be happy coming to your place again...