Tuesday, January 16, 2007

first 10 days

School has just begun for 10 school days and lets check what Kate has left in her class:

5th day:
left her chinese book. We found it out straight after we reached home. We went back to school because she had chinese homework for the next day. The classroom has been locked of course (it was past 7pm), luckily we could found auntie who was in charge for the keys.

6th day:
left her drink she bought and chinese book (again). This time we found it out when we reached bicycle. The classroom has been locked as well. Kate met a teacher who helped her through another door which has not been locked.

9th day:
left her purse (and her pocket money), english book, and story book.

10th day:
at school she found her english textbook under her table, her purse at her form teacher (with help from the prefect - thanks), but forgot about the story book. at home ... she realised that her chinese workbook was not in her bag, but was really sure didn't leave it in her classroom because she had checked her table. Where is it, then?

Gosh ... Even she wouldn't know that she has left them behind if Mum didn't ask her or incidentally made conversation about it.

11th, 12th, 13th days: she left stuffs like homework file, spelling book, letter for parents.

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mellyana said...

it feels like I'm reading my own story :P

my parents used to say that I'm going to left my head one day, because I keep forgeting things