Sunday, January 14, 2007


Kate got capsuled-vitamin from grandma when we went to Jakarta last month. The dosage is two capsules each time. Kate is really fine taking any taste of syrup or powder medicine, but never try capsule or tablet.

First capsule ... she need about half glass of water before finally swallow it successfully. Second capsule ... another glass of water was not enough, even she threw it up. Gosh ... Mum was so worry this will make Kate doesn't want to take any capsule or tablet in the future.

Last week Mum started to give the vitamin by opening the capsule and taking the powder to mix it with water. But the powder wasn't dissolved at all in water, either hot or cold water. Luckily Kate was fine with it although with some complain in the beginning. She preferred taking the bitter powder instead of capsule.

Today, after taking the vitamin, Kate wanted to play with the empty capsule. After a while, she had an idea ... took a cup of water and tried to swallow the small part of the empty capsule ... and she did it ! ... then she had the other half.

Being excited with what she has achieved ... she took a new capsule and ... taking capsule is not difficult, is it ?