Friday, June 26, 2009

.: B a l i :.

It's been long time we wanted to go to Bali. So we decided to go there this holiday.

In Bali, we stayed near Kuta beach, but we also went to other beaches like Sanur and Nusa Dua. At Nusa Dua, we went to a place where the wave was very strong so when it was broken by the rocks, it went up and made a very big splash. We watched it from high up on the rocks, but the splash still went higher than us. It was very nice view. Sometimes we saw a rainbow after the splash.

We went to Orchid Garden, Bird Park, and Reptile Park. The Orchid Garden was quite small and didn't have lots of orchids, but the orchids were very nice. I really enjoyed the Bird Park. Some of the birds were very tame that they came to us and let us feed them. There were some bird shows, too.

We visited some famous temples like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu. The tide was a bit high at Tanah Lot so we couldn't go very near to the temple, but I enjoyed the splash of the waves by the rocks. At Uluwatu, the sunset was nice and there were some monkeys around.

We also visited Monkey Forest. Mum bought some peanuts and we fed the monkeys. It was fun to feed them at first, but when more came, it became a bit scary as the monkeys started to snatch and quarrel.

We also went to Kintamani. It was a looong drive from Kuta and it was very cooold. But the view of the mountain and the lake were very nice.

And I had my hair kepang-ed (braided). I kept swishing the braids around. There were 31 braids in all and there were 2 beads on each braid.