Thursday, February 12, 2009

zoo trip ( 1 )

Tomorrow I am going to the Singapore Zoo with my class. This trip is part of my science class. It will help us to learn more about diversity.

This is my list of animals that my teacher asked us to take pictures of: monkeys, apes, cat family, birds, fishes, mammals, and hooved feet animals. My teacher already taught us the differences between apes and monkeys. Today, she taught us about the cat family and the hooved feet animals.

I think this zoo trip is going to be excellent. I am very excited and looking forward to this zoo trip.

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Ing said...

Wow, interesting..
I also had my zoo trip last Thursday (Feb 12th) to Taipei Zoo.. Yep, we saw lots of animals.. Most interesting ones are panda, koala, and penguin, 'cos we can't find them in Indonesia =)
It was too bad that the firefly box was remodeled, so we couldn't see any firefly..
So? how was your zoo trip? ^^