Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Day at HWS

Today is my last day at Hong Wen School. I am very sad, because it means I will be parted from my best friends, Mandy and Jun Ning. Even though if I stay at HWS next year, I won't be at the same class with Jun Ning, but we still could see each other at recess time.

This parted thingy is really difficult for me to handle. Yes, sometimes I quarrel with Jun Ning. But it's still better rather than to be parted like this.

I wish I don't need to change my school, but our home is very far from the new HWS at Towner Rd and it will be very tiring to travel that far every day.

Yesterday, I gave bookmarks made by my mum to my classmates and some teachers. I hope they like it.