Wednesday, October 29, 2008

math exam treat

One day before math exam,
Mum: Kathleen, where do you want to have lunch? At foodcourt near new MRT station or foodcourt near CC?
Kate: The one near CC.
Mum: Are you sure? It's further. And it's quite a hot day.
Kate: Yup, I'm sure.

On the way to foodcourt,
Kate: Mum, let's have KFC for our lunch
(Aha! This is why she chose it! There's KFC near the CC)
Mum: Well, if you get full mark for your math exam tomorrow, you can have KFC.
(not that Mum expects a full mark, but just an excuse to not having KFC so often)
Kate: No way ... How about 95?
(wow, she is so confident)
Mum: Ok, if you get above 95, we'll go to KFC. If you get 95 or below, you won't have it until your birthday.
Kate: It's not fair ... my birthday is still one month away. How about until end of the month?
Mum: Nope. End of the month is only about 1 week away.
Kate: Hmm ... ok, deal.

Few days later,
Kate: Mum, it's not fair. My friend has 90 as his target and his treat is going to New Zealand. My target is 95 but my treat is only KFC. I should have bigger treat.
Mum: Hmm ... what treat do you want?
Kate: I don't know. But something bigger than going to New Zealand.
Mum: How about another big hug from me?
Kate: Hoorraaayyy !!


Merlion said...

Haha... You're so sweet, Kathleen...I like this story so much... by the way, congrat for your more-than-95 math result.

Yuliazmi said...

kyaaa... here is a big hug for Kathleen too >:D<

Ing said...

好可爱喔.. 是我的侄女.. ^^