Friday, August 29, 2008

quack .. quack ..

I've just finished my first cross-stitch last night. It is a duckling.

First, I used yellow for the body. Next, I used red for the beak and webbed feet. Then, I used purple and green for it's bow. After that, I used white for the background. Finally, I used black for it's eyes. At the back, I slipped in the tail of the strings so it became a bit tighter and neat. If I didn't slip it in, it would be loose and messy!

Well, that took me more than one year to finish it because I seldom did it. But now, I want to do some more !!


Merlion said...

quack, quack... well done, Kathleen.. that is a good and beautiful craft

Mamahoney said...

woooooww hebaaad bgt kathleen, kereeen2 kyk hasil karya mama! bravo deh

Kathleen said...

Thank you, Merlion and Tante Kendy.