Thursday, August 07, 2008


yellow is a banana,
yellow is a marker,
yellow is a crayon,
and some colored water.

blue is the sky,
blue is the water,
blue is a cd case,
and so is a container.

green is the grass,
green is the folder,
green is the seaweed,
and so is the paper.

white is the clock,
white is the whiteboard,
white is my scarf,
and so is my cupboard.

black is the keyboard,
black is the speaker,
black is the tv,
and so is the monitor.

red is a fire-engine,
red is a cherry,
red is a rose,
and a ripe strawberry.

purple is the bag,
purple is a grape,
purple is the handle,
and a sick ape.

1 Comment:

mei che said...

nice rhyming ...