Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Choral and Solo Reading

On Monday, 4 August, there was choral and solo reading at my school. My class got 2nd prize for choral reading .. Hip, hip, hooray !!! But wait, wait! What prize did my class get for solo reading? It's BETTER than that ... We got 1st prize !!!
Solo is done only by one person, so it does not become messy. In choral reading, lots of students talk at once, that's why it becomes a little bit messy.
Xin Yue was the solo reading performance. I was the reserved. Kenshi was the helper. He helped us to practice and decide the actions. So on Thursday and Friday, the three of us had to stay back at recess to practice our actions and reading.
What are the titles? They are "My Puppy Punched Me In the Eye" for choral reading and "I Went To The Barber" for solo reading.


mei che said...

your class must have had practised really hard.

ing said...

your puppy punched you in the eye? Wow.. that's why i don't have a puppy now.. if i have one, i'm gonna train it well to punch the bad guys instead of punching me.. :D

Ok then, so.. let's have a trim..