Friday, May 16, 2008


Today is sports day for P3-P6 pupils. So P1 and P2 pupils have an extra one-day holiday.
I invited four of my classmates (Jing Wei, Nicole, Kelly and Wan Yong) to come over to my place. Jing Wei and Nicole did not come. So only Kelly and Wan Yong came to play today.
Wan Yong came first. My mother ordered pizza for lunch, but it took long time for the delivery. So Wan Yong and I had some snacks while waiting for the pizza. Then Kelly came. After the pizza came, we had our lunch. Kelly did not want the pizza so she ate chicken wings. Wan Yong and I ate pizza.
My mother put up a small tent. We played shopping. I was the shopkeeper. Kelly and Wan Yong bought lots of thing from my shop. I also lent them money to buy things from the shops.
Then, we did some crafts. After that, Wan Yong's grandmother came to fetch her. Kelly and I played some more until Kelly's mother came to fetch her. We had a great playtime.

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