Thursday, April 24, 2008

how much?

As the landlord of the flat where we are staying wants to move back in by November, we need to start looking for a new flat.

With the rental price now hikes so high, we decided to buy a flat instead of renting. One request from Kate:
"Can we find a house that is not far from my school? I want to keep Hong Wen as my school."

We can see that Kate loves her school, eventhough there are not many facilities, yet. The school, too, will move to May Road on January 2009. According to Kate, the new school building will have swimming pool and sports halls (and many other new facilities). Surely this makes Kate doesn't want to be transferred to another school, even more.

Mum: "The house nearby your school is very expensive."
Kate: "How much is it?"
Mum: "Around five-hundred-thousand dollars."
*wondering whether Kate really understands how big that number is*
Kate: "That much??? It's so expensive."
Mum: "Yes, it is."
Kate: "And how much money do we have? All of it. The one that we keep at the bank, in Daddy's wallet, in your purse, and the one in my saving box."


Mamahoney said...

Mum : more than ten million dollars

Mei Che said...

I wish ...