Monday, April 28, 2008

bought a cat in a bag

For the last few weeks, Mum was busy looking for a new flat. When the viewings were done at night in the weekdays, Mum left Kate at home by herself. A couple of times, it was done at the day time in the weekdays and Kate became a latch-key girl because Mum wouldn't be home when Kate came back from school. When the viewings were done in the weekend, all of us would went together.

Actually Kate wanted to come along on every viewing, but Mum said that the weekdays' viewing would be done by Mum alone. If the flat looked suitable, there would be a second viewing before we decided to buy it, and that time we would all go together.

But one morning,
Kate: "Mum, are you going to see some houses again today?"
Mum: "No, we bought one yesterday."
Kate: "But ... I haven't seen it!"
Mum: "Neither me nor Daddy. None of us have seen it."
Kate: "How come???"

Well, it was quite a long story (click here to read it -- in Indonesian). It happened so fast. Hopefully we wouldn't regret it.