Wednesday, February 20, 2008

short term memory loss

Sunday afternoon, Kate was having chocolate ice-cream with M&M and chocolate rice. "Look, I could make the ice-cream melt faster," said Kate as she stirred the ice-cream. "I did this at school at Bangkok. I mixed different color of ice-cream and it was so fun."

Few hours later,
Kate: Mum, do you see my wallet?
Mum: No, I don't. Where did you put it?
Kate: I put it on the coffee table. But now it's not there.
Mum: No, I don't see it there. May be you've moved it somewhere else.
Kate: No, I'm sure I put it there.
Mum: Are you sure it was today?
Kate: Yes, I'm really sure.
Kate asked Daddy who was working near the coffee table and Daddy didn't see it, either.

After searching here and there, Kate gave up. She looked so sad and confused. Suddenly, "I think it's in my pinafore!" exclaimed Kate as she hurried went to her room. And it was there!

Then Mum remember that in the morning Mum has praised Kate for getting her uniform ready for the next day and seen the string of the wallet hanged out from the pinafore's pocket. But both Mum and Kate forgot about it.

Kate: It's weird. How could I remember something that has happened few years ago, but I forgot something that has happened today.

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Wati said...

oh Kate, you're so cute...
ngga apa Kate, tante juga suka gitu kok :-D