Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost & Found

On Monday, Mum got a phone call from Kate's teacher, informed that Kate has left her school bag in the SBS bus on the way to school.

Amazing ... how Kate didn't realize it until she reached the school hall and was about to put her bag (which was not with her). And about an hour before her teacher called, Kate has called Mum about other thing, but she didn't mention about her lost bag.

Anyway, Mum called lost & found of SBS Transit. For more than half an hour countless dial, it was always answered by machine, saying that the officers were busy. When finally an officer got on the line, she gave Mum another phone no, which was took only one ring to get through.

Apparently, as the bag was left on that day, it was still kept at the control office at the terminal. In this case, Kate took SBS Bus 80, Harbourfront-Sengkang direction, so the officer at Sengkang Interchange kept it.

When Kate came back from school (she didn't know that her teacher has contacted Mum):
"Mummy, I have a bad news.. I left my bag in the bus this morning... Luckily, I still have a spare bag, don't I? So we don't need to buy a new one... But how about all the books? The textbooks? The spelling book? The journal? ... Oh, no! I need to write those all over again, and I need to get spelling tests again, and my teacher will need to mark those again ..."

Kids ... their way to think is so simple ...


mellyana said...

but you didn't angry with her, no?

me? it's everyday routine. to forget things at the school bus, and angry parents waiting at the end of the day :))

Mei Che said...

As the teacher has informed me ahead, i've calmed down when Kate came home.

But yesterday she lost her snack box at school, and fortunately i could manage myself to keep cool.