Saturday, January 05, 2008

morning session

This year Kate has morning session, which is 7:15-12:55 on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri. On Wed, the school finishes an hour earlier, but since Kate joins with one of CCA, she comes home later than the other days.

Mum was worried that it would be difficult to wake Kate up in the morning, because she used to wake up a bit late for the last 2 years (when she had afternoon sessions). And last month during the holiday was even worse. But it came out that Kate is ready for the morning session, not so difficult to wake up early. She is happy with her morning session, which means she has more time to play after school.

Kate is in Primary 2. She gets lots of new classmates (only 6 who were her P1's classmates), new teachers, but the same form teacher (which means the same English and Math teacher) and the same classroom. Hope she could cope well with her subjects in P2 as well as in P1.

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eChie said...

Ayok Kate, pulang sekolah ke rumah Tante eChie makan beef teriyaki, tapi bilang-bilang dulu biar disiapin :).