Friday, November 09, 2007

Johor Bahru - City Square

Yesterday was the first time we went to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. We went there by bus as the total journey only took about an hour. At JB, we spent most of the time at City Square, the closest shopping mall to Singapore-Malaysia border.

Kate's favourite part of the mall is Merrybrown fastfood stall - because they have swings as the chairs. As Mum and Dad's favourite is the cakue stall - forgot the name of it, but the stall is just opposite the Merrybrown. *the cakue reminds us to Cakue Semar Stall at Bandung Indah Plasa's foodcourt*

After dinner, we went back home by taking bus until Kranji MRT then transfer to MRT to Bugis MRT. Actually it would be more convenience if we just stayed in the bus, as the bus would end at Queen St Terminal, which is not far from Bugis MRT. But Kate wanted to ride another kind of transportation, as she takes bus every Mon-Sat.

The trip must be quite tiring for Kate, because as soon as we found a seat at the MRT, Kate straight away put her head on Daddy's lap and less than half minute later she was in deep sleep.

Around midnight, Mum felt that Kate was warmer than usual, and it got worse by dawn. Mum was worried that Kate would fall ill, but fortunately the fever was gone by the time Kate woke up (around 9 a.m.). Now she has a bit cough, though.

* Kate's first impression of JB: dirty. Actually the city is not so dirty but there were many rubbish under the stairs of the overhead bridge and Kate used to with the clean of Singapore.

* Kate's second impression of JB:
After Custom Clearance at Singapore Immigration, we went to the restroom and Kate notice that "Now we are back in Singapore, because we don't have to pay for using the toilet".


eChie said...

Kecapean aja ya Kate. ALternatif lain ke Johor pake taxi aja, jadi pas di customnya nggak usah ngantri-ngantri bisa stay di taxi. Taxinya dari daerah bugis. Katanya lho, belum pernah, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Wah, ada cakue mirip ama cakue Semar...jadi pengen....boleh minta alamat mallnya? kebetulan saya dari Bdg dan yang punya cakue itu temen saya dan biasanya kita ke Sing dulu sebelum ke Indo nengok kel suami.

Mei Che said...

Manyaro: Sama dong kita dari Bandung, hehehe.
Cakuenya ga sama persis, tapi sama2 variasi cakue. Nama mallnya City Square di Johor Bahru, Malaysia, mall terdekat sama perbatasan Singapura.