Thursday, October 25, 2007


Missy bought 5 red apples, 3 oranges, 8 pears and 9 chocolate bars.
How many fruits did Missy buy in all?

Kate confidently wrote: "5+3+8+9=25".
Mum: Could you check it again, please?
Kate: *checking and counting* Yes, it's correct.
Mum: Are you sure?
Kate: Yes, five plus three plus eight plus nine equals twenty-five.
Mum: Read the problem carefully.
Kate: Mmmm ... it doesn't mean 5 red apples are 1 fruit, does it?
Mum: No, it doesn't. 5 red apples are 5 fruits, but 1 kind of fruit.
Kate: So? My answer is correct.
Mum: Ok. How many kind of fruits are there?
Kate: Four.
Mum: And what are they?
Kate: Apple, orange, pear, cho ... eh ... :) :)


Anonymous said...

haha.. lucu bgt deh...
so, what kind of fruit '' is? i've never heard about that kind of fruit... =D
Say hi to Kate!!

林穎 said...

Eh, yg tadi bukan anonymous, tapi Iih Iing... 因為在這裡用中文,我看不懂. Gatau harus pilih yang mana, asal klik aja, hehe... keluarnya anonymous deh...

bundazka said... gal!