Friday, August 10, 2007


few days ago,
Kate: Mummy, would you help me finish my meal, please?
Mum: I have eat a lot and my tummy is quite full.
Kate: Please, Mum ...
Mum: If I eat some more, later my tummy will get bigger and bigger.
Kate: That's really good!
Mum: Are you sure?
Kate: Yes! So we would have a baby. Horray!!
Mum: ??? Does the baby come from food?
Kate: Yes :D
Mum: So daddy could have a baby in his tummy, and you could, too.
Kate: No ... It's special only for woman.
Mum: ...
Kate: Of course not. *laughing* I'm just kidding.
Mum: Where does the baby come from, then?

The God in heaven will put a really tiny baby in your tummy. And the baby will eat the food in your tummy, so the baby will grow bigger and bigger. When there's not enough space in your tummy, you will need to go to doctor. And the doctor will open your tummy and take the baby out ...
A really cute baby ... :)

Not sure how Kate got the idea, but ... where is daddy's part in making the baby?

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Trie Mayor said...

Hihihihihihi...lucu deh Kate ada ada aja...:-)