Monday, August 20, 2007

another long weekend


After Chinese tuition, Kate and Mum went to Botanic Garden for a picnic. Not many people there, so we found it quiet enough for some relaxing.

The fish ponds (near Tanglin Gate) were nice again. Now visitors who wish to feed the fish, are encouraged to give only fish food, which could be bought ($1) at dispensing machine at visitor centre nearby. It's a good idea considering usually visitors would give any kind of food (from bread crumbs to green leafy vegetables), which easily makes the ponds dirty. Now the ponds are back nice and clean, and the fishes look healthy, too.


Kate's bad habit during holiday is waking up late. Today, she woke up at noon!

Daddy had a day long meeting, which ended with a dinner feast. Mum and Kate were planning to join for the feast. But about the time to leave, Mum changed her mind. So Mum and Kate stayed at home instead, to give Kate time to do her homeworks.

While Kate was doing her homeworks, we heard loud noise ... Ooops, we totally forgot about it ... FIREWORKS FESTIVAL :(


Usually after swimming lesson, Kate would ask to play water a little while more (which could end up another one hour). But not today, because Mum promised her to watch fireworks. Yesterday she was dissappointed by hearing the noise only.

After preparing some snacks and drinks, off we go. We planned to watch the fireworks from around Fullerton One. Somehow, we ended up at Esplanade Bay. The place was better though, closer from the main view at Marina Bay floating platform. Since we arrived "late" (an hour early), we couldn't get a nice place to get some good snaps.


Today was library day! We went to Library@Orchard and Central Lending Library.

Kate has just finished her silver stage from her reading-bear-record. She would need to make the activity to get her silver badge.

... after this 2 consecutive long weekends (Thu-Sun),
Kate will only have 2 weeks to finish her term 3
then another holiday for 1 week...