Monday, July 23, 2007

independent morning

Actually Mum was a bit hesitant on doing this, but gave it a try nevertheless.

Mum had to go somewhere, so this morning was Kate's first "independent" morning. When Mum left, Kate had just finished her breakfast. After Mum has left, Kate prepared herself for school, managed some spare time to play computer, locked the doors, then went to chinese lesson by herself.

When Kate finished with her chinese lesson, Mum hasn't arrived yet to pick her up. So Kate went for lunch and waited for Mum there.

Soon Kate will be ready to be a latchkey girl :)

Actually, where did Mum go when Kate was enjoying her morning ?

Psstt ...
to get a book (see the cover on the right) for $25 only :D


ati said...

beli dimana tuh buku??

emaknya iffah said...

whehehe..jadi mommy apa kath yg 'pinter' ? :)

Mei Che said...

Ati: di ntuc centre (cuma ada 100 biji) :)
Ellen: siapa ya? :D

Ati said...

25 dolle plus 500 link points kan ??:D, udah gitu udah sold out, wah selamat deh bisa termasuk 100 pembeli pertama :). Btw magic nya HP emang ruarr biasa, sampai2 bisa menghilangkan rasa kekhawatiran seorg ibu utk sementara dan bisa bikin anak jd mandiri :)