Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is the second day Kate will take a bus home from school by herself. Usually Mum sends and picks her up at school. But yesterday, Kate wanted to try to take the bus by herself. She only asked Mum to wait for her at the bus stop, in case there was naughty driver who disobeyed the traffic light when she was crossing the road.

Yesterday, Kate came home safe and sound, and she was very happy with the experience. She took the bus together with another 2 girls, Jolene and Erin, who live in the building just behind the bus stop. Jolene is a P3 girl who goes to school and comes back home by herself. Erin is a P1 girl who goes to school by school bus and her maid picks her up in the evening.

Actually, Mum is not totally confidence on letting Kate take the bus by herself. There are many bad and good scenarios come to Mum's mind. Start with 'how if Kate misses the bus stop', then come so many other 'how if ...'s.

Mum used to go to school by herself since P2, though. It was about 20 minutes journey from home to school by 'angkot', and 30 minutes from school to home. That time Mum lived in a small town called Cimahi, suburb of Bandung, capital of West Java. Of course it is not the same condition as metropolitan like Singapore. That time Mum was about 7.5 years old, so Kate starts about 1 year younger than Mum.

Well ... this is one of parenting challenges. Sometimes the child is ready, but the parents are not. Sometimes the child is not ready, but the parents expect too much. It is quite complicated, isn't it?

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