Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my friends and I

It's a school project, part of school's effort in promoting racial harmony. The pupils are strongly encouraged to submit a photograph taken with a non-Chinese friend, accompanied with a short write-up about their friend.

Marina, Natasha, and I

Marina, Natasha, and I lived in the same building at Bangkok but we all went to different schools. We came from different countries. I came from Indonesia, Marina came from Japan, and Natasha came from Australia. Marina has a younger sister named Risako. They speak in Japanese with their parents at home. Risako and I went to the same school and took the same school bus. Natasha has a younger brother named Oscar and an older brother named Lucas.

Marina, Natasha, and I liked to play at the playground after school. We played some lovely games and Oscar sometimes wanted to join in our games but the four girls said, "No, this is girl's game" but Oscar just stood and cried to see the four girls playing their games. But sometimes we let him to join with us. Sometimes we visited each other. We all liked princesses and liked to act like them. We also liked to make lots and lots of arts and crafts.

I miss them a lot and I wish they have time to come and stay in Singapore so we could be together and play together again, and again, and again, and again !!