Friday, May 18, 2007

the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog

Mum was very happy when Kate brought home exam-paper results. Kate got good marks on all 3 subjects (Math, English, Chinese). Horray!! Looks like Kate could follow the Chinese lesson well.

Somehow, one thing was bothering us. It was on English paper - penmanship section. It was supposed to be a very easy section, because the pupils only need to copy down what was written above. But what looked easy was not very easy, because on that section, Kate got much less point than other sections. And it mainly because she wrote 't' instead of 't'. Well, this is not the only letter Kate sometimes writes differently, but still normal letter though, not a fancy writing or calligraphy.

Mum has met with Kate's teacher to discuss this matter. Mum's concern was, the letter Kate wrote should be acceptable because it was what she saw in most of books. We should let children to learn more from their environment, shouldn't we? And we see 't' more than 't', don't we? Even if it was not acceptable, the school usually accepted her different-letter, but not this time. Unconsistency will make the children confused, won't they?

The teacher's point was that she understood Kate's writing, because she knew Kate. But this would make other children got confused. P1 and P2 children were expected to write according to what they learned at school.

Just now Mum tried to find the font (in MS Word) that looks like the letter that the school taught. The closests are 'Century Gothic' for lowercase and 'Microsoft Sans Serif' for uppercase:

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