Saturday, November 18, 2006

(not) a good friday

Yesterday Mum and Kate went to Singapore EXPO, for Asian Children's EXPO. Our main aim was to get the free paperpunch gift set :D. Kate really loves "playing" with paper and the tools (glue, scissors, scotch tape, stapler, etc).

But we didn't only get the paperpunch, we also got this:

Could you guess who is in that picture? Yes, it is Kate, drawn by one nice guy at one of the booths. We also bought a set of Mandarin learning software. Hopefully it would help Kate (and mum, too :D) in learning Mandarin. Kate was having fun, trying some software and seeing this and that.

Unfortunately we didn't have so much time to spend there, because Kate has primary school orientation in the afternoon. So, we went straight to school by MRT. But somehow, Kate left her ez-link card inside the train :(

And at school .... the orientation was supposed to be for new pupils as well as their parents ... but somehow Mum missed the orientation (Kate didn't) and almost missed the re-registration as well :(
Now ... Mum doesn't know what time she needs to send Kate to school after the holiday!! What else did she miss?? *help*