Wednesday, November 15, 2006


taman yang paling indah, hanya taman kami
taman yang paling indah, hanya taman kami
tempat bermain, berteman banyak
itulah taman kami, taman kanak kanak

That is a kindergarten song (in Indonesia) that Mum and Dad used to sing when they were in kindergarten, more than 25 years ago.

How about Kate? Yes, she really does enjoy her kindergarten years: two and half years in Bangkok and 3 terms in Singapore.

And today is her last day in this uniform:

Yes, she has finished her years in kindergarten. We should celebrate it, shouldn't we?

The school has organized the celebration last Saturday, which was called: "Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony cum Children's Variety Show"

And Kate was very happy being a part of it. Here she was in "Melody of Love".

And this was Kate's "speech" before all the participants sang one of the closing-songs.

"We would like to dedicate this song to all
Daddies and Mummies.

Thank you for showing us your love,

sacrifice your precious time,

working days and nights,

to provide and care for us.

We are proud of both of you.

We love you, Daddy and Mummy."

Thank you, sweetheart. We both are proud of you, too.


Hope you will enjoy your next grade as much as you enjoy your kindergarten.