Thursday, November 23, 2006

kate's day

waken up by a song sang by Mum and Dad, getting lovely presents in bed and a big-one outside the bedroom

watched magic key (Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld) and Barney

don't forget chinese lesson

went to Vivo City with mum ... had so much fun playing at the playground and pool ... Kate was totally wet...

back home, time for Bob the Builder and Hi-5

had some rest while Mum was doing something in the kitchen

met Daddy for a special dinner

dessert was waiting at home ... cake time (with 6 candles)

well, it's getting late ... we'll continue tomorrow for the games, ok?

good night, sweetheart ... Happy Birthday !

PS: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

1 Comment:

emaknya iffah said...

november juga ya Kate? bener2 banyak banget neh ISM junior yang ultah bulan november :)

hepi belsdei ya..walopun telat..all the best :)